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This is a great place to start to figure out where you need

the most immediate guidance or a quick specicfic answer.

 $5 a question/ 6 for $20

Yes/No Readings           


Readings & Products

Whether you are looking for general direction 

or a very specific answer, I can connnect you  with 

the guidance you need.

Timed Readings

General Spiritual Guidance

Put your mercy in the spirits to bring to light underlying issues that need addressed and the proper path to take

These are done

via skype, chat or phone

30 minutes $50

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $120


Venmo, CashApp, & paypal accepted

Relationship Reading

Are you struggling to find the right partner, whether in love or business?

Or at point you feel the need to work on a personal realtionship?

Allow me to help you achieve the right partner $40


Positive Growth  Reading

Do you feel bogged down, overwhelmed,

or at a road block in some aspect of life? or life in general? 

Please allow me to help remove negative forces/energy that

are impeding your positive progression in life. $60


7 day prepared candles

These candles are prepared entirely for your needs custom made by me.  They can be requested by you or we may find the need for one or more after a reading


Every candle comes with a video of preparation. 


$15 each  3 for $40    plus shipping




Made just for your desires and needs. 

personalized video with every order so you know your intentions are in the oil!

$8 each  3 for $20

Spiritual Oils

Book an Appointment with Amethyst

For Readings and Consultations

Legal Disclaimer: Due to time and energy invested in sessions, all bookings are non refundable. Readings purchased should not be substituted for medical or professional help. Please consult a doctor or a medical professional if it is needed. Please understand that you are responsible for your own outcomes resulted in your life due to your own decision making and I am not to be held liable or responsible for any situation outcome that may occur. You are in charge of your own life and my sole purpose is to provide you with the guidance and insight in which is needed at that time.